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A showcase is a direct way to share the highlights of a particular product, service, or individual with your audience. As an effective means of driving interest, they give brands a way to emphasize pertinent features in a clever and targeted way.

A well-done showcase or demo can be the difference between the viewer choosing your product or service over someone else’s. And since there are many instances where you can’t physically demonstrate the effectiveness of what you’re selling, you’ll find there is a lot of value in exploring virtual executions. Here are a few examples of the kinds of showcases that could have the potential to be highly effective through a virtual approach:

  • Product/Service Demo Videos — Very informational with a lot of re-purposing power. Product demo videos can be altered for a diverse audience on an array of different platforms
  • Interactive Product Demos — Allows viewers to get up close and personal with a product. They also help people form a better connection with the brand, using 360˚ rotating views, dropdowns, popups, and the like. Viewers are typically more likely to want to engage with an interactive piece
  • Company Portfolios — Generates interest through highly controlled and optimized content. Companies who need to showcase work should already have digital portfolios these days, but having the power of interaction is a very important part of any selling tool. With virtual capabilities, you can interact with your audience on a more personal level when sharing work
  • Personal Portfolios — Provides an air of high-level professionalism. Virtual portfolios are a great selling tool for more than just businesses—everyone has the propensity to be their own brand. Individuals, like artists and writers, need impressive ways to share their work
  • Personal Showcases — Allows for a very personal connection with viewers. This is about more than just your work; this is about selling yourself as a person and a professional

Whatever (or whomever) it’s for, a showcase is about demonstrating the best they have to offer. But virtual capabilities are what make a showcase most effective as a selling tool. They offer opportunities to get extremely personal with your viewers, right down to literally speaking to them live. Even pre-produced videos, when combined with the abilities of interactive platforms, can create a highly targeted experience.

That’s what a virtual showcase does: It takes a traditional approach to demonstrations and turns it into an informative, personalized experience. That’s a huge differentiator when you’re trying to cut through all the noise. And cutting through the noise and reaching your audience is what we do. Find out how we can build a targeted virtual showcase that engages viewers in your brand.

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