On the surface, we’re a creative, strategic agency with a long history and an even longer list of capabilities.

At our core, we’re a team of passionate people who just really love to take our clients further.


We bring something a little different to the table:

  • Value in Quality & Efficiency
  • Strength in Relationships
  • Dedication to High-Level Service
  • A Whole Lotta Know-How
  • Scalability—from Local Shop to Global Brand

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Behind the people persons, the critical thinkers, and the creative eyes is a diverse group of individuals. And who we are gives meaning to what we do.

Entrepreneurs 45%
Coffee Addicts 75%
Mommies & Daddies 60%
Home Chefs 30%
Taco Bell Frequenters 45%
Proud Pet Parents 65%

The film in the camera when the shot is taken is ‘first generation.’ A print of this negative will be ‘second generation.’ ...Each generation marks a progressive deterioration in the quality of the image.
—How to Read a Film: The Art, Technology, Language,
 History, and Theory of Film and Media

  • William Carmody

    William Carmody CEO

  • Alexandra Shade

    Alexandra Shade President

  • Steve White

    Steve White New Technology Director

  • John Costello

    John Costello Senior Producer/Director

  • Phil Hozza

    Phil Hozza Producer

  • Ross Thane

    Ross Thane Senior Video Editor

  • Dawn Motolese

    Dawn Motolese Production Services Manager

  • Mark Longenbach

    Mark Longenbach Account Manager

  • Katie Forest

    Katie Forest Account Manager

  • Melissa Hartman

    Melissa Hartman Project Manager

  • Carlos Franqui

    Carlos Franqui Graphic Designer

  • Jenn Marinello

    Jenn Marinello Video Specialist

  • Steven Dawn

    Steven Dawn Web Developer

  • Idalmi Rivera

    Idalmi Rivera Associate Art Director