ARMstaffing Branding & Website

Allied Resources Medical Staffing was in need of a new look that would match their unique personality and would resonate with their millennial target audience.

See how we helped them build a fresh brand from the ground up.

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Penn Community Bank Testimonial Campaign

Penn Community Bank has a strong following of local customers, and they wanted to show the community just how much those customers value their partnership with the bank.

See how we helped real people tell their stories so potential customers could hear them.

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Miller-Keystone Blood Center Website

Over time, an accumulation of information on Miller-Keystone Blood Center’s website had made it difficult to ensure that users could easily navigate the site and find important content.

See how we simplified and modernized their website in a way that inspires visitors to support the cause.

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R.M. Palmer Website

R.M. Palmer Company needed to consolidate, restructure, and modernize their website for both individual customers and client partners.

See how we delivered an effective, user-friendly experience that reinforced their mission of “making candy fun.”

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Crayola Product Catalog

Crayola is constantly exploring the most exciting new creative products and technologies. As their brand was evolving, they wanted their product catalog to evolve too.

See how we helped redefine the full product catalog for the world’s most colorful brand.

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Rich Mar Florist Website

The goal: As a trusted, family-owned business that’s part of a quickly growing community, Rich Mar Florist knew they needed to appeal to new potential customers. They enlisted our help to update their website for both form and function.

The work: A full redesign, along with reorganization of information and product offerings, served to modernize the site and make it easier to navigate. A user-friendly product catalog was built with a sorting feature that made finding and purchasing the right item quick and safe for customers. Special attention was paid to their wedding services—a core segment for them—by making it easy to schedule a consultation. A rotating image carousel on the homepage could lead customers straight to special sales or products based on holidays and events. The site was also designed to be SEO-friendly, which could be maintained fluidly as content was added.

The result: A modern, easy-to-use website coupled with SEO have made the Rich Mar name even more prevalent in a growing community. They can now offer more convenience than ever—along with the same great quality as when they began in 1955.

Valley Youth House Annual Fundraiser

The goal: As a nonprofit organization, Valley Youth House relies on the kindness of their partners as they strive to be a positive resource for youth in our community. Each year, they reach out to us to provide support for their largest fundraising event.

The work: From save-the-date emails, to a formal invitation set, to event features, we design and produce materials that reinforce a chosen theme. The story of Valley Youth House is told through a captivating video produced for the event. Designed speaker presentations help raise awareness of the need for this organization and the proven good that they do.

The result: Each year at the event, we are pleased to see first-hand how effective the work of Valley Youth House is in our community. The meaningful stories told kindle the value of this in-kind partnership again and again.