Navigating the Fast Pivot to Virtual Training

Navigating the Fast Pivot to Virtual Training

Like most organizations, Follett had to adapt when the world’s way of doing business was suddenly turned on its head. In-person meetings became an impossibility and the usual logistical challenges made way for new concerns about communicating in a contactless world.

As an essential business, Follett needed a quick, self-sustainable solution to continue performing product training on their medical-grade refrigerators. And they needed it fast.

Training the Trainers

Our task was to facilitate the transition from live in-person training seminars to live online training seminars. It was our goal to help Follett create an even more enriching experience for their attendees by utilizing digital capabilities. In order to do this successfully, we had to tailor the approach based on the client’s needs, our available resources, and a proven teaching strategy.

A big part of this was taking on the role of consultant, where we could focus on key factors, such as:

  • Researching and implementing best practices
  • Streamlining and optimizing content
  • Coaching trial runs and rehearsals
  • Troubleshooting unexpected tech obstacles
  • Building confidence in the Follett team to run the program themselves


Watch our New Technology Director, Steve White, explain our approach:

Flying Solo

The rehearsals allowed the Follett team to run the show while having us available as a safety net when an unexpected occurrence came up. In these trials, we were able to identify what areas needed alterations or practicing, and the speakers had the opportunity to become comfortable with adapting their presentations to a digital space. As Cindy Fitton, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Follett put it:

After attending some other recent webinars, I would rate ours very highly—and we would not have even considered hosting webinars were it not for First Generation’s expertise and guidance.

Having built up plenty of confidence, the Follett team now regularly schedules weekly seminars that they can run independently. They continue to have effective learning sessions with their constituents and maintain the high level of service and customer satisfaction that has always been a hallmark of their business.


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