Live Streaming with FG

The Show Can Go On

Live Streaming with FG

Right now, it’s best to avoid group situations—but that doesn’t have to put a halt on your meeting or event plans. We can help you stay connected.

At First Generation, we have everything you need to put on an impactful event that people can take part in from the comfort of their own homes. Whether in our studio or on-site at a specific location, we can get your message out there effectively and creatively through digital means. With our remote multi-camera packages and streaming capabilities, we can pull off your meeting or event from anywhere.

Our Allentown location has it all

  • 7500 square foot studio with hard, wrap-around cyclorama
  • Lighting grid and multi-camera setup
  • Full streaming capabilities
  • Green room with live feed
  • Several conference rooms
  • Full catering services



Reach out now to talk about your live streaming options.