Hermes Creative Awards

Hermes Creative Awards

JW Pet Video – Platinum Winner

JW Pet is a kooky-fun pet brand that focuses mostly on dogs and cats. With highly specific brand stylings and a budget that wasn’t able to cover trained pet talent, we were able to create an on-brand video ad with just our personal fur babies and a lot of creativity!


Crayola Catalog – Platinum Winner

Since we overhauled the Crayola product catalog design in 2018, we’ve updated it every year with new products and a new take on modern kid-oriented design. The result each year is a colorful, product-centric experience from cover to cover.


Apyx Next Level Sales Meeting – Platinum Winner

For their first in-person sales meeting since before the pandemic, we joined Apyx Medical for a stellar week in Vegas. From theming, to logo and branding, to presentations and printed pieces, to pre-made videos and live production, we ran the whole event—soup to nuts.


Apyx Renuvion Users’ Meeting – Gold Winner

In some ways, a virtual event is even more challenging to run than an in-person one. With people watching from the comfort of their homes, it can be tough to keep the energy up and make sure the flow of the meeting—and the tech—don’t lag. With numerous doctors from around the world presenting live, we were able to pull off a seamless virtual meeting that educated healthcare professionals on Apyx Medical’s flagship product.


Petmate Product Experience – Gold Winner

Petmate is a parent company that owns a number of different pet-based brands. With all of the world’s trade shows going virtual in 2020, they decided they needed a digital sales tool that would give them complete control over what was shown and how it was presented—whether or not a sales representative was present to explain what was on screen. We had the perfect solution for them with our custom-developed web-based selling tool.


Piramal Critical Care Education Program – Gold Winner

Piramal Critical Care had some informational materials that they wanted to expand upon to develop a customer education program. This program would allow them to educate their audiences on the topics surrounding their products while never selling the products directly. This would allow them to create and maintain lasting relationships with customers while always keeping their products top-of-mind.


LVHN Maternity – Honorable Mention Winner

With the advent of the COVID-19 virus, everything was locked down. Lehigh Valley Health Network’s challenge? Women were still having babies. We were tasked with taking their in-person tour for soon-to-be moms and turning it into a pleasant, yet informative video that would help these women know what to do, where to go, and what to expect when the big day comes.


HCSC Site – Honorable Mention Winner

HCSC came to us for help refreshing their site without wanting a full rebrand. Using the existing logo, we updated the look and feel of the site, streamlined content, and added a product catalog—all in a way that gave them total control over the components.



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