Optimizing the

Virtual Experience

Turning your event into a virtual experience opens up a lot of exciting possibilities. With all the different options and technologies involved, it takes a lot of planning and testing to create an online event that will be just as influential as an in-person one. That’s why partnering with an experienced production company can make all the difference in pulling off a highly produced, customized virtual event.

Considering a virtual event?
Here are some things to think about:

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Building a stable foundation is key to a successful event.

  • Think of how to integrate it into your larger marketing efforts
  • Identify what your event needs to achieve (Education, Motivation, Fundraising, Promotion, etc.)
  • Think about the size and scope of your event

Considering your Options

The FG Advantage

A highly experienced partner to help guide the process, foresee challenges, and create solutions

Taking a strategic approach to planning creates the best experience for your audience.

  • Develop a consistent theme and look to match your event goals
  • Develop engaging content that helps accomplish your event goals
  • Think about timing and how your event will flow

Building Your Vision

The FG Advantage

Years of event planning knowledge tailored to your needs, goals, resources, and brand.

Producing content that is optimized for an online setting is key.

  • Logo & Theme
  • Presentation (content & visuals)
  • Custom Videos
  • Live Demos
  • Studio/Stage Design (if live-streaming)

Building Your Content

The FG Advantage

Creative solutions and guidance from an award-winning team

Rehearsing is an essential part of the process that helps ensure a successful event.

  • Test technology and timing before the event
  • Help speakers develop confidence in presenting
  • Keep everyone on the same page
  • Reduce questions and hurdles when going live
  • Create a guide for visitors explaining how to access the event, sessions, and more

Perfecting the Experience

The FG Advantage

Testing, troubleshooting, real-time consulting, and preparation from a crew with a high level of expertise


Take It Live!

Seeing it all come together is a satisfying experience!

The FG Advantage

An experienced team to make sure everything goes right

Looking ahead to post-event opportunities helps you get the most out of your spend

  • Send out presentations and recorded sessions to contacts as a follow-up
  • Make it easy for attendees to follow up with you and connect with speakers
  • Keep the momentum of the event going with related communications in the future

Extending the Conversation

The FG Advantage

A detailed post-event plan and a team to carry it out